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What is Credit Score reports

CIBIL scores can range from anywhere between 300 and 900, 900 means higher credit eligibility. 750 CIBIL points or more in your credit report is correct, What is Credit Score reports

What’s Credit Scores ?

Debt points are a measure of a person’s ability to repay a loan. It is a numerical representation of their credit eligibility. Credit score is a 3-character number that falls in the range of 300-900, 900 to the highest.

Credit scores are calculated by credit bureaus in the country after considering a few factors such as the length of your credit history, payment records, credit inquiries, among others.

If you apply for a credit card or loan from an NBFC bank, having a high credit may give you the opportunity to receive additional benefits such as higher loan rates, lower interest rates and your choice of stay-at-home loan repayments.

Get Your Free Credit Scores Step by Step

Visit the cibil website
Enter your name and surname.
Enter your mobile number and email ID.
OTP will be sent to your mobile number for verification.
The next step will be to verify your age.
Your credit score and report will be displayed on screen.

Credit Score Range In India

cibil reports in India ranges from 300-900. You should always take steps to bring your credit score to 900. High credit scores increase your chances of getting a good loan deal once

Whats Reasons I check my Credit ?

It is very important that you pay close attention to your Credit reports. It is the best way to measure your chances of getting a credit line. Another reason why you should track your range is to know if it is immersed, or if credit agencies made a mistake when calculating your score. This will help you to make changes in time.

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